Battery Stands

We supply a complete range of stands which are designed in modular form so that we can help you choose the best option for your battery and available dimensions. These stands are produced using plastic coated metal which meet international standards and are available for normal applications as well as applications where seismic duties are required. We will choose the appropriate stand for your application when your battery has been selected.


When you purchase a battery from us, we provide you with all the intercell connectors to allow the battery to be assembled. The choice of connectors is made according to the configuration you have chosen. The connector cover components (such as insulated cable connectors and end lug covers) are designed to ensure a high level of protection against electric shocks.

Maintenance Equipment

We can supply a wide range of manufacturer approved maintenance accessories and documentation to ensure that the batteries we supply are maintained in accordance to the required standards.

Contact us to discuss the best solution for your Battery maintenance and material handling needs