A CSR strategy integrated into our business

At Global Power Source Group of Companies, corporate social responsibility lies at the intersection of our business, our development strategy and the new challenges we face.

We strongly believe in the adage – “Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.

For many years now, GPS Group of Companies has worked with its customers and partners to ensure profitable, lasting and responsible growth in its operations. This is how we meet the environmental, business and social challenges facing the world today and tomorrow.

Our aim is innovate to offer sustainable solutions to our users, to act ethically towards society, and to make a commitment to and with the Group’s 350+ employees, while limiting our impact on the environment.

The 3 steps we follow towards implementation of our CSR as below:

Good business is operating in a socially responsible and environmentally sustainable manner while appropriately managing our company assets and upholding our shareholder interests.
Better life is what we’re fostering as we focus our resources and efforts to positively impact our communities, employees and stakeholders.
Bright future is what we’re creating by extending our legacy and commitment by ensuring that we build an enterprise that respects people and the environment.