Our Mission


We aim to be renowned pioneers in innovative and viable power solutions through our products and services, with an assurance of unparalleled quality thus providing utmost value to our clientele. We pledge to be collaborators towards a prosperous society through optimum and sustainable use of all resources, in harmony with nature. Our goal is to be recognized as a clean-green global energy company most admired for our integrity, meticulous performance and zealous personnel.


Our mission is to offer our customers pioneering products and also provide them reliable information required to make well-informed buying decisions. We would convey these with a sense of warmth, friendliness and integrity so as to maximize our customers’ satisfaction. We intend to generate viable returns; for our investors and for the evolution of exceptional products, while being conscious of the environmental and social impact of our actions. We further aim at fostering a cordial, ethical and dynamic work atmosphere which respects the creativity, resourcefulness and diligence of all our collaborators.


Welcome to the Global Power Source Group of Companies.

I have been extremely fortunate to be the Founder – Mentor of Global Power Source Group of Companies.

One of the reasons I love this company so much, and why it has prospered and endured, is because we embrace the concept of treating each other right, taking care of our customers and are conscious of the social and ecological impact of our actions. That commitment is deeply entrenched throughout our organization. It begins with leadership and is brought to life by the actions of our co-workers at every level of the Company. Even as we invest and grow, Global Power Source remains intently focused on ensuring that our actions protect the health, safety and vitality of all associated with us.

We are proud of our progress as well as our ability to adapt to change, but always mindful of our core beliefs and values. We as a family have spent a lifetime investing our passion to build an enterprise that respects people and the environment. On behalf of them, and our valued co-workers, I am pleased to share the journey of our commitment.


Dipak Gandhi – Founder Chairman